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Together with Favela Painting we have turned the former Bijlmer Bajes into an urban event space, an inspiring artwork of monumental size for your business ventures. Come and meet chefs, baristas, designers, entrepreneurs, painters, architects, tailors, carpenters and many other talents!

We would like to invite you to rent our event space co-created with newcomers and innovative thinking brands like Heineken and a premium coffee brand Vascobelo. Our mission together with these premium brands is to create an inspiring and motivating event space for refugees to develop their skills, develop their network and gain access to work. Heineken and Vascobelo facilitate training of the highly sought after hospitality personell and specialist Baristas. Vascobelo weekly provides a ‘train the trainer course’ that provide refugees with a highly sought after skillset in the Dutch bar and restaurant market. In this way speeding up integration providing newcomers living in Amsterdam direct acces to the Dutch hospitality market.

You can come and make use of our cathering facilities provided by skilled refugees to organise your: business events, business meetings & congresses or plan a co-creation workshops with your personell and refugees. Give us a call to creatively shape your event!


Book our space with cafe in the Bijlmer Bajes    €400,- per day part

Rent a space in our cafe for small meetings        on request      


Art installations, décor, signing, or other interactive projects  on request


Syrian lunch €15,- pp

Dinner buffet between €25,- and €50,- pp

Snacks or high tea €12,-

Coffee, tea, water, fruit and sweets €7,50 per day part


Facilitator brainstorm €175,- day part

Creative workshop €125,- day part

Coffee ceremony €195,- day part


Join an authentic Eritrean coffee ritual where roasting raw coffee beans and slicing up bread cake are an intense haptic experience where you connect with one another. Every cup of coffee contains its own soul.


All you need is a handful of coffee beans and a little bit of imagination to create original stop-mo- tion films that you can share on your Instagram, Vine, and Facebook.


Arabic calligraphy is a type of visual art in itself. Become an Arabic calligraphy artist from scratch by making your pen dance.


Senior project manager                           €75,-

Junior project manager                           40,-

Host meetings, festivals & events       €25,-

Artist / musician                              on request

Photographer / Camera man      on request

Art director/designer                     on request

Got interested?


Click to view pictures of our event space.