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Opening new location

Location: Lola Lik, Wenckebachweg 48 former Bijlmer Bajes Date: friday 20 januari Time: 15.00-21.00   WORK IN PROGRESS Friday 20 januari more than 2000 visitors came to see our work in progress in the former Bijlmer Bajes. Our mission was to create an inspiring and motivating space for refugees to develop their skills, network and gain access to work. The past weeks we have been working with newcomers living in Amsterdam and together with Favela Painting we’ve turned the [...]

Solar Panels Collaboration

We’re delighted to announce our latest collaboration with solar panel specialist Sungevity. The Solar Store in Zaandam tasked Sungevity to install 226 solar panels on the roof of The Student Hotel. It’s a long and labour intensive job, so Sungevity asked us to help find them qualified manpower. We already knew of some Syrian electricians who immediately agreed to help out. Our three candidates will first complete a short VCA course to make sure their knowledge and skills align with [...]

New York Times

The New York Times reporter Liz Alderman visited us recently and published her lengthy story on Refugee Company a few days ago and today they tweeted about us. You know you’ve made it when The Grey Lady turns her gaze you’re way – we’re happy our work is being recognized here and abroad and welcome any attention that may bring refugees in The Netherlands closer to finding work and integrating into society. The NY times article mentions the many hurdles refugees face [...]


Refugee Company was thrilled to be invited to TEDx Apeldoorn.  The theme of the evening was “Social Footprint” and Fleur Bakker and Mohammed Reza Amiri shared the stage to talk about Refugee Company’s own social footprint.For refugees, it is vital for to be able to openly share personal stories: the trauma and hardship of leaving family and home behind to start life anew, and the struggles and hopes involved in the integration process. Fleur told the story of the tailor [...]


Refugee Company is commissioned to perform as hosts and artists at a big event in the RAI Amsterdam. We have designed and hand-painted 4 super large banners and facilitated creative workshops. A team of 30 refugees worked on this project.


Refugee Company had a group of surprising volunteers on Thursday evening.  44 HR directors from the multinational AkzoNobel here for a global conference, took a break from their meeting room and came to give the Refugee Company space a bit of a facelift. Their leader Martin Booisman wanted his team to do something with refugees.  He explained the AkzoNobel Corporate Social Responsibility philosophy: “we don’t just make money donations – we prefer to give our own time to do [...]

Ai Weiwei

Mr. Ai Weiwei is one of the greatest contemporary artists and social activists of the world- and his visit marked a memorable day us all at Refugee Company. Our young artists had the chance of meeting Mr. Ai Weiwei and he was given a tour in and around our new venue in the former prison, which is now a hub for refugees living in Amsterdam. We at Refugee Company team is hopeful that this relationship leads to a fruitful collaboration.

Minister Asscher

Refugee Company was honoured to host Mr. Lodewijk Asscher, Minister of Social Affairs and Employment. Minister Asscher was very interested in the personal stories of Mr. Khaled, Mahmoud, Hida, Noor and Ziad. He also wanted to know how doing voluntary work, while living in an AZC (and beyond), helped each of them in their integration process. We talked about the difficulties Refugee Company is facing in its efforts to provide opportunities for refugees to get work experience.  After sampling some of Ziad’s [...]