Last days many rumors have been spreading about a surprise guest paying us a visit. The whole team was already super excited and wondering who it might be. In the morning our Baristas Haider and Ben were joking that it could be the King and the Queen visiting. To every ones surprise Haider was not far off.

Our mystery guest finally arrived:

We had the honor to welcome the Queen Maxima at Refugee Company! Her visit started off by having a double espresso at our ‘Kahwa Bar’.
Afterwards she participated in a tour around our different workshops where she got an impression of our different projects such as the sewing workshop, the silk screening atelier, the restaurant and the coffee bar. At every station she was introduced to the various activities we are currently running by the team managers.

It felt not only amazingly rewarding to receive acknowledgement from the Queen herself, but it was also very delightful to see every ones joyful faces during the special visit.

We would like to thank the royal house and Oranje Fonds for this memorable and special day. A huge thanks to all team members, volunteers and supporters for being a part of Refugee Company.

Haider and Ben serving the Queen:

video by AT5.

Photos of the royal visit: