Refugee Company was thrilled to be invited to TEDx Apeldoorn.  The theme of the evening was “Social Footprint” and Fleur Bakker and Mohammed Reza Amiri shared the stage to talk about Refugee Company’s own social footprint.For refugees, it is vital for to be able to openly share personal stories: the trauma and hardship of leaving family and home behind to start life anew, and the struggles and hopes involved in the integration process.

Fleur told the story of the tailor and the dentist – two real life portraits – to show that  beyond the very loaded word of refugee, there are normal people who used to have a normal life but now are  caught in a cumbersome system that is not able to recognise the talents of people beyond the term refugee. Mohammad Reza talked from a personal standpoint, about how people always feel more comfortable in their own home and would usually prefer not to leave behind all they had there if there had been any choice.The joint talk by Fleur and Reza aimed for one unified message: accepting a tough reality is the first step to moving forward.  They invited the audience to help think of creative solutions that would help in any way the integration process of the thousands of refugees who have recently make The Netherlands their home.